My photography career began at the age of eight, when my grandfather gifted me a 60's Honeywell Pentax camera body, and a few lenses.  At such a young age, there were no rules, no mistakes, (and most of the time, no film,) just the pure excitement of pressing the shutter button and getting a satisfying "ka chunk."  I was occasionally given a roll or two of film, to test my skill.  I found that learning something I so very much enjoyed, came easily.  Both my father and grandfather were excellent and experienced photographers.  They patiently taught me a life long skill and the ancient art of manual photography.
Fortunately, I grew up during an exciting time for photography.  I witnessed the rapid evolution of technology.  I made my way through the 35mm era to polaroids, from 110 cartridges to disposables, floppy disks, sd cards, hard drives and more.
My first, on the books photo gig, was for my high school newspaper.  I covered social and sporting events, as well as community happenings.  After high school, and attending college, I transitioned into a career in law enforcement.  I was fortunate to receive specialized training in crime scene and critical incident photography and videography. 
Opening my own detective agency in 2005, I found photography and videography had now become the center focus of my career.  I am still an active member of the surveillance community, as well as avidly pursuing concert photography, writing for several local and national publications.  
The photographic skills  and experience I posses is available for event photography, model, portraiture and portfolio sessions, as well as weddings and social events.
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